Honouring Papiya

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Petitions to Governer of Bihar
Petition to the Hon'ble Governor of Bihar, Seeking Justice


H.E. R.L. Bhatia
Chancellor of Patna University &
Hon’ble Governor of Bihar,
Raj Bhavan,
Patna – 800 001

No. LS/Misc/Pr.Secy/2008

Dr. T. Kumar, IAS
E-mail : tgkumar@sansad.nic.in
10th July, 2008



Respected Sir,

I have addressed ‘Petitions’ to various Authorities seeking justice in the case of the gruesome murder of my sister, Prof. Papiya Ghosh of the Department of History of Patna University, and her domestic help, Malti Devi, at Patna, on 3 December, 2006.

Copies of some of these communications have been sent to your Office and in, turn, they have been forwarded to the Home Department of the Government of Bihar, for necessary action. However, I am constrained to mention that the State Government has not sent a response on the status of the case. In particular, I had requested for information on the arrest of the 2 (two) absconding culprits, Mustaqim and Sanjogi Rai, and for expeditious Trial of the case which is proceeding in the Fast Track Court No. 5 of Patna and bears ST No. 188, State Vs. Ramachandra Mahto.

I am enclosing my latest ‘Appeal’ to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar dated 25th June, 2008, for your kind perusal please.

As Chancellor of Patna University, I turn to you to please ensure that justice is not denied to Prof. Ghosh, who was an internationally acknowledged academician, dedicated to the cause of education in Bihar and whose life seems to have been taken with utter disregard for the law of the land, for no known reason. The Website set up for Prof. Ghosh, “Honouring Papiya” at www.papiyaghosh.com will provide an insight into her academic achievements, multi-faceted personality and, most importantly, how there seems rather slim chances of getting to the root of her savage murder.

It is indeed highly disquieting that this serious matter has had to be raised so many times at so many administrative levels and yet has evoked only silence, which is eloquent in itself.



Thanking you,

(Dr. T. Kumar)


Petition to the Hon'ble Governor of Bihar, Seeking Justice


The Honourable Governor of Bihar,
Shri R. S. Gavai,
Raj Bhavan, Patna

2 April, 2008

Hon’ble Sir,

Subject: Brutal murders of Prof.Papiya Ghosh and Malti Devi on 2nd December, 2006, in Patna.

On the night of 2nd December, 2006 my younger sister, Professor Papiya Ghosh was murdered with indescribable brutality inside her own house in Pataliputra Colony. Neither was her aged, invalid maid, Malti Devi spared. Prof. Ghosh’s house was also looted of all items of value, big and small, with the criminals even managing to drive away in the victim’s own car.

As per the police statement, quoted in the press, six armed dacoits had entered Prof. Ghosh’s house and executed the heinous crimes with impunity.

The killing of Prof.Ghosh was carried out with a degree of savage brutality unheard of and unparalleled in the state’s history.

The atrocities carried out have been the most flagrant violations of women’s human rights.

Prof. Papiya Ghosh was a scrupulously honest citizen who lived on her own, and had dedicated her life to the cause of higher education in Bihar. I would request you to kindly visit the website www.papiyaghosh.com for more details about her works and life.

As a law abiding citizen, Prof. Ghosh depended on the state to provide the necessary security of life and property to all its citizens.But things turned out to be otherwise, and the worst kind of atrocities against helpless women and fatal violation of human rights took place. Incidentally her house was a mere stone’s throw from the Pataliputra police thana.

Subsequent to the horrific killings, four of the murderous gang have been rounded up, and put on trial. But the case, although committed to a Fast Track court, is moving at a slow pace.

And shockingly two of the culprits in the reprehensible crimes, named by the police, as quoted in the press, as Mustakeen and Sanjogi Rai, still remain out of the reach of the police even more than a year later, in spite of numerous representations having been made to the Chief Minister of Bihar, for their speedy arrest.

On behalf of the grieving family, I appeal to you to urge the Government of Bihar to speedily apprehend the absconding criminals and bring them to justice.


Yours Faithfully,
(Mrs. Keya Sen)
214, WTC Hilton Residency,
1191, Corniche El Nile,
Cairo, EGYPT
e-mail: keya_sen04@hotmail.com